Outside The Box Creation

Paper marbling, in a nutshell, is the art of floating inks. They are swirled on top of water and then a piece of paper is placed on the water to absorb the inks.  The exact history of the art is not known, but it probably originated in Japan. It spread to Europe and the Italians are probably most commonly associated with it now.

The marbling inks in this box are relatively new and the easiest we have ever worked with. This is an art form that is fun and easy to play with! Your projects do not have to be this intricate! You can simply display your finished products or use them to decorate objects, mat pictures or as a base for calligraphy.

Marbled Papers

These papers are typical of the marbled papers you have probably seen in shops.

Marbled Paper Made With This Box

This is a piece created from this box that is less complex and more contemporary.

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