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Boxes for Kids

Everything you need. Delivered to your door. Monthly.

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Not “One & Done”- many of the supplies can be used again & again

Regular size = enough supplies for 2 children or an adult & a child

Large size = enough supplies for 4 children/people

Each box includes a picture book that ties in with the theme

Every month is a different project & medium

*Art benefits children in both their intellectual & social/emotional development. Children who participate in visual arts perform better in ALL of their subject areas at school.

A Happy Customer!
Our Kids Boxes are....like an art class in a box

What our customers are saying:

“This an awesome product the supplies are excellent quality and it is thoughtfully put together.” Randi S., Sebastopol, CA

“The box seems like an excellent value because it contains a large amount of high-quality art supplies along with a book that goes with the theme of the project.” -Susan M, Seattle, WA

“This is perfect for families that want to experience more art in their life and save money and time by having everything you need in one place.” Julie F., Normandy Park, WA

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