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  • As the days get shorter, get more colorful!

    If you’re like me, you dread falling back (well, & winter.) Even though I know there are still the same number of hours in every day, going to work in the dark and leaving work in the dark activates some inner homing instinct that shouts in my brain “Don’t go anywhere else, go directly home, put …

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  • Child looking out airplane window

    Tips to EaseTravel With Kids at the Holidays

    As the holidays approach, many of you who have young children are probably dreading airline and/or car travel! Here are some of my time-tested tips & tricks from a mom of 3: Model Magic Clay is great to bring: it doesn’t smell and doesn’t crumble and provides engaging sensory stimulation. Silly Putty is also really …

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  • Kids Art on a Clothesline

    What To Do With Your Child’s Artwork

    One of the things I always dreaded about the school year was the inevitable onslaught of paper! You want to save every project your child makes at school & at home but what to do with it all? Here are some creative ways to preserve these precious memories: Shutterfly & Snapfish are two we have used. …

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  • Kids Playing in Fountain

    5 Fresh Ideas for Creative Dog Days of Summer

    Want some fresh ideas for outdoor creative fun in the sun? We are definitely in the dog days of summer. Here are 4 fresh ideas for those lazy, hazy days outside: Back to the basics with sidewalk chalk. Good old fashioned sticks of sidewalk chalk can be lots of fun for kids. You don’t need …

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  • Happy Dog in a Pool

    Easing the Transition to Summer Vacation!

    When my kids were in elementary school, the first few days of summer vacation were always horrible: lots of bickering & obstinate behavior! It finally dawned on me: they were struggling with the transition from school to the unstructured days of summer! Transitions are tough for kids, especially those who have ADD/ADHD tendencies. Although they …

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  • Drawing IS a Learned Skill

    I remember being told in college “anyone can be pretty good at drawing because it is an actual learned skill. We may not all be Michelangelo, but that’s ok!” While it may take more practice and instruction for some of us than for others, I definitely agree. There are really two main components: accurately seeing …

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  • Indoor Icky Weather Fun

    We’re in the final, seemingly interminable, stretch of winter weather. In Seattle, we have as many names for rain as Alaskans have for snow. Parents are all looking for engaging indoor activities right now. Frankly, I don’t even really want my dogs to go outside because they get all wet and dirty and leave a …

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  • Man Holding iPad Over Face

    3 Ways to Overcome fear of Creativity

    Just engaging in the creative process is good for your brain and can actually make you happier! But, darn it, it can be scary! Next time you sit down to do something you deem creative, try to let go of the outcome and enjoy the process knowing it is never time wasted. Here are three strategies to help …

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