Outside The Box Creation

Being socially conscious is baked, glued, painted into our mission!

We create fun & engaging art experiences for children, adults, & groups. We passionately believe that EVERYONE benefits from exposure to visual arts!

We are a for profit company but it’s not enough for us to do well, we want to do good in the world! By purchasing from Outside the Box Creation, you are also doing good in the world.

See what inspired Beth to start this company. We now have a way for you to easily purchase a kids’ box for Seattle Children’s Hospital and we’ll deliver it for you.

Beth Herrild Headshot

We’re passionate about making art fun and accessible for people of all ages! We’re also socially conscious & believe in giving back to the community. When you purchase our boxes, you help a mom and a child have the option of enjoying art together during their visits at the Washington Corrections Center for Women, in Gig Harbor, WA. Then the child can take the book and art supplies home to continue using them.

Offenders & kids doing art together at the prison with our boxes

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